The Uncommon Human's Toolbox: 
An Operation Manual for Flourishing

A catalytic 8-week course for the woman who wants to put her life to its highest possible use. 


We exist in a time that urgently needs each of us living and contributing to the fullest extent possible.

Yet we also live in a world where our wings are easily clipped by fear, where we’re taught how to fit into society but not how to belong to ourselves, where the pressure to play it safe and stay in our lane shrinks good women into small, unsatisfying lives.

And the world misses out on what we could have built, solved, created, changed, contributed.  

The Uncommon Human’s Toolbox is a countermeasure to that.

Through eight energizing one-on-one weekly phone sessions with me, powerful, personalized practices in between, and consistent accountability, this course enriches you with actionable tools to:

Spend your time as a reflection of your highest values

Choose courage over fear

Transform setbacks into wisdom

Make life-giving decisions

Be a good friend to yourself

Contribute generously to our world

And other essential techniques to live and act with more meaning and impact every day

The Uncommon Human’s Toolbox is not for every woman, and there are limited spots available. It requires honest work and deep engagement; every lasting transformation does. But if you are the Uncommon Human who wants to live with her wings fully extended, to flourish in the way you were made to and the way our time needs you to, this course was designed for you. Let's find a time to talk. 



The Uncommon Human's Toolbox has empowered me with new language, structures and practices to fully embody my values in my work, life and community. Caitie is an exceptionally wise and skillful listener and guide. As a result of our work together, I approach risks with more courage, days with more clarity, setbacks with more curiosity, and work with greater focus. Most importantly, the UHT has helped me confidently commit my time and energy to the people, values and causes that matter most to me. I would recommend this program to any woman seeking a structured, holistic, expansive path to living her life with intention and impact. Catherine Menyhart M.Ed., Intercultural and Educational Consultant and Coach, Making Space LLC


My journey through the Uncommon Human's Toolbox course left me feeling unblocked in a way I couldn't have anticipated. I have a new framework for living - I feel lighter, more energized. I have more to give myself and others and an immense amount of gratitude - I have already noticed significant changes in how I interact with myself and the world. I find myself using this coursework throughout each day as I pivot back to my values while making decisions as they relate to time, friends, money, etc.

For a long time (even in my recovering perfectionism) I've felt like "If I could just get this to-do list done. If I could just have a week at home by myself..." then I could really flourish. But that's not how life works and I didn't know how to find my way through it. This coursework has unblocked so many of my unproductive thoughts and allowed me to open up to more LIFE! And the result is that I've been MUCH more productive.... not just in tasks, but in living my LIFE. I am spending more time consciously living my values all thanks to the Uncommon Human's Toolbox. Katherine Q.


My time with Caitie and the Uncommon Human's Toolbox was invaluable. Learning and re-learning my own values; making small, powerful shifts in the language I use when I talk about time; identifying opportunities to be courageous and generous with myself and others: these are tools I will continue to hone for the rest of my life. It's hard, satisfying work, being fully awake—and Caitie showed me how important, how necessary this work really is. Maeve O., Mother and Creative Professional