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The Lightning Notes has no ads or paywalls. You have enough of those in your life. 

What The Lightning Notes does have are kind donors. If something here struck you, I'd be so grateful if you became one. Every little bit makes a big impact. 

Monthly Donation Levels
Just click the numbers in bold to donate. 

$4         Lightning flashes 40 times each second.

$8         Lightning strikes 8 million times around the world daily.

$10       A bolt from the blue can strike 10 miles away from a storm.

$17.52  Benjamin Franklin caught lightning in a bottle in 1752.

One-time donation. In any amount that strikes you.

Rather drop a check in the mail? 
Please make checks payable to The Lightning Notes, LLC.

The Lightning Notes, LLC
Attention: Caitie Whelan
PO Box 15162
Portland, ME 04112

I can’t give you a tax deduction. But I can give you my deep appreciation. Your kindness keeps the lightning striking. And I am so grateful.