The Altars We Worship At

Funny how we can make everything that isn’t work work.

At the moment, I’m working on meditation, working on reading more fiction, getting to the gym, eating slower.

Ours is a society that worships at the altar of work. Does working dignify what we’re doing, make it important and worthwhile, not leisurely or indulgent?

Or do we use the word unconsciously; we don’t mean we’re going to read fiction from 9-5. Is it just another transitive verb to describe what we’re doing?

Whatever the reason for our language, words shape experience. And expectation. If I’m working at something, that means it could be effortful, a slog, another thing for me to fall short at.

What if we dumped all our workings in the river and swapped in more spacious vocabulary?

I’m adventuring into meditation or venturing into reading more fiction. I’m running experiments with eating slower and getting to the gym.

It feels freer and funner (doesn’t work as a word? well, we’re not stuck on what works right now). Like I’m not bound for failure, but tied up in the exploration.

And perhaps, in so doing, we can make ours a society that worships, too, at the altar of discovery.

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