When Taking a Big Leap...

…it helps to give ourselves firm ground to spring from.

So if I take a personal risk, I like to do it during a quiet professional time. If I stretch myself professionally, I like to do it during a calm personal time.

When on the road for The Lightning Notes and debuting a new workshop, I loved the comfort of working from the same coffee shop each day. When I bit into some vulnerable relationship issues, I stuck like a barnacle to my work routines - the time I left for the office, the route there, the arc of my day.

We can’t always control this stuff. Some days all the pots are boiling over at the same time. That’s a Note for another moment.

But for the times we do have some say, I like to give myself familiarity in one area, so I can romp into the wilderness in another. The familiar asks less of our attention and energy so we have more of both to give to the wilderness.

We are creatures of gravity. And when we go soaring and exploring, it’s an act of kindness to our bold selves to have solid ground to come home to.

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