The Big Fix

I’ve been looking for a Big Fix.

Big Fix: that which repairs the Big Mess our society is in. (And isn’t it interesting that fix means both to repair something and a tough situation?)

To dig a big hole, you need a big shovel. A big scoop of ice cream needs a big cone. Logically, a Big Mess needs a Big Fix.

Only I haven’t found one. It doesn’t mean there isn’t one, but my nose hasn’t sniffed it out yet.

What I have found are small healing tools. Getting outside. Keeping a daily delight journal (think gratitude journal, only with delight). Techless time. Reading fiction. Slowing my body, which can help slow my mind. Changing less significant habits, like my route to work.

These little antidotes can seem flimsy, paltry in the face of the death and dictators booming through the daily news. How could these minor tools do anything in the face of horror this major?

I can’t fix the Big Mess. But the Mess isn’t lessened by my despairing over it. What I can do is heal my own pain around it, and if healing isn’t possible, I can care for my pain.

It’s the best way I know to replenish the energy I have to be kinder to those around me, hatch creative solutions, show up for what matters, engage, care, be present to myself and others.

There may be no one Big Fix for the Big Fix our society is in. But there are many little antidotes for our individual spirits. And a replenished spirit can’t help but spill out and enlarge each moment it’s in with new imagination.

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