For When We're Tired

When I am tired, I’ve got to be particularly thoughtful about who and what I spend my time with. 

Tired Me is vulnerable to Doubting Me. That would be the me that says, “You really think spending so much time reading and reflecting is a good idea? Get busy.” “Woah there, cowgirl! Let’s not be so direct in that email; rein it in.” “Just do what they want, don’t be so demanding.”

Doubting Me is an excellent emissary for safe, normal-compliant thinking. And since resisting normalcy takes energy and Tired Me has little of that, Doubting Me can brandish more authority than I’d like. 

So it becomes essential to be with good, brave people and good, brave ideas. They can help put that doubt in its place and guide me back to what matters to me. 

That means no to newsy podcasts and cynics with their raised eyebrows. Yes to reads on creativity and people with zigzag resumes.

This is not to say we should spend our time with lowlifes and pond scum when we’re feeling hale and hearty; it is always important to be with high caliber folks and high caliber ideas. But it helps for me to think about that when I’m not tired, so that when I am and my thinking’s not at its spryest, I’ve already got my marching orders in place.

And those marching orders keep me close to a mantra I’ve shaped up for myself: Normalcy hasn’t done much for me; what do I owe it?

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