A Note For Those Who Can't Read My Mind

How is it that you don’t know what I’m thinking?

I’ve given you NEON signs: I fake smiled, gave you side-eyes, said it was fine when my tone was obviouslyThis is not fine. I huffed and puffed and nearly blew the house down.

What I’m thinking should be CRYSTAL clear.

But you are not getting it. What is up with that? Are you going to make me actually ask for what I want? I’m doing all THIS to avoid THAT. Because that feels needy. And greedy. Which is supremely uncomfortable. Not that this major league passive aggression is a stroll in the park or anything. I’m just more used to it.

I guess it’s a little Planter’s Peanuts that I’m spinning in all these circles instead of just speaking straight with you.

I couuuuuuuld do that. It’s more honest, compassionate, blah-di-authentic communication-blah.

It’s just so…vulnerable. You could say no. And I think that’d be harder to stomach than me being ticked at you for not reading my mind. Though, I guess that’s another kind of no, isn’t it? You don’t read my mind --> I don’t get what I want.

Plus, it’s not like I can read your mind or anything. I know you like windows over a/c and water, no ice. But I see that. I don’t see your mind. Which I suppose means you don’t see my mind either.


So, fine, FINE. I’ll do it. I’ll straight up ask for what I want. Ready? Here it is: To be loved.

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