The Upside of the Common Cold

As summer wound itself done, my immune system and I got ourselves a spectacular cold.

If the season must end, why not end it with a bang? I sneezed like a cannon firing, snored like a forest full of lumberjacks, and did little else. If a cold is good for anything it is taking our pace down to zippo mph.

And you notice some fascinating things when you keep time with the snails and the turtles.

Take traffic. It’s not a homogenous sound. Lying in bed, I could pluck out the unsubtle rumble and creak of a utility truck, the gentle braking of a well-tuned sedan, the wide open roar of a motorcycle.

Or light. I sat in the same spot for a big hunk of the afternoon and the sunlight slowly, silently moved down my legs.

I read the quotes on tea bags, appreciated the font of books, noticed that elegant slope that forms when the human foot goes from flexed to at ease.

Colds can teach a special kind of awareness. We are slowed down enough to take in subtleties that can leave us in awe of the moments we occupy.

The sun - which is 92.6 million miles away - moved two inches over my legs?! And on the subject of legs, this skin is covering a complex of bones that point, flex, and walk me around the room, city, country, planet.

Colds come. Blessedly, colds go. And perhaps they can leave us a little more attuned to awe than before.

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