The Big Life

Assume the position needed to receive serious news. Not bad news, serious news.

Sit. Curl up like a snail shell. Stand flagpole straight. Whatever is the easiest stance to hear what may be uneasy.

Is the life you’re living big enough for you?

There’s an unkempt spread of black-eyed Susans on a quiet side street. These Bisquick box-yellow flowers are supposed to grow 1-2 feet tall. But either nobody told these buds or they didn’t bother to comply; they are taller than I am and blooming in all directions. When the season changes, they will have blown their wad, nothing left to grow into.

Maybe the petunias on that quiet side street think those black-eyed Susans should tamp it down and stay in their lane; it’s threatening for some when others reveal to them how much they’ve settled. Maybe the Queen Anne’s Lace is moved to stretch further skywards; it’s inspiring for some when others remind them there’s more to living than staying small.

If you are sitting or curled up, standing up or didn’t know the position to assume, you are just where you need to be. The Buddhists speak of enlightenment not as going somewhere to find something, but a returning to self. We learn smallness, it takes us away from our innate immensity.

The petunias will do what they do. The Queen Anne’s Lace will do what it does. Theirs is not our business. Our business is to throw our lot in with the small, but mighty who have risked that skyward stretch back to themselves.

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