The Humans Worthy of Our Care

In D.C. - though you could hear this adage many places - people regularly say,

“Be nice to everybody; that intern could run this company in five years”.

It’s shameless. Be nice so that if that nothing assistant becomes important, she’ll remember you and be useful to you.

If you knew I was nice to you because I thought one day - though certainly not today - you’d matter to me, I hope you’d drop me like a hot potato.

Let’s drop that adage like a hot potato, too. We could replace it with…

Be kind (which is less cutesy and more real than nice) to everybody because they are already important, their title just doesn’t bely it.

Be kind to everybody because they are as wounded as we are and as in need of kindness as we are.

Be kind to everybody because they are humans worthy of our care.

Or just be kind. To everybody. Yourself included. No because needed.

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