On Not Letting the Moment Cannibalize Your Spirit

We do not live in easy times.

Even the most sun-filled days bring headlines about how cruel we can be to each other.

We can armor up with indifference and cynicism. But that does nothing to make the future better than the present.

So how are we to feel our way through this? How are we to be, and to be with each other?

For me, it’s important to do the things that prevent this moment from cannibalizing my spirit.

If I’m tired, those headlines and the heaviness that feels like it’s in the very air we breathe make me vulnerable to Chicken Little thinking and feeling. So energy maintenance 101 is essential: do what I need to do to get enough sleep, get outside, drink lots of water (the placebo effect of this alone revs my energy).

Then, there’s energy maintenance 201: spending time with believers and doers, not hand-wringers and mopers; taking in media that reminds me who I want to be in the world, giving zippo time to media that doesn’t; creative work - writing, designing, building - creating in the face of the world’s destruction; asking for help when my need exceeds my ability.

Maintenance is no joke. We have physicals and take our cars to be serviced. We get regular teeth cleanings and (semi) regular haircuts. There is no reason our spirit wouldn’t need similar maintenance.

And with that maintenance, we can be more full-hearted participants in making what will be kinder, better than what is.

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