This Transformation Thing Is Possible

I’m no gardener, but I love being in a garden.

You know the way that dewy morning dirt crumbles and tumbles in your hands. And if you give it 10 hours under the summer sun, it’ll be dry and grumpy at dinnertime.

Or those rowdy poppies that live so loudly so briefly.

And the daffodils with their unapologetically large snouts. To have had their confidence in middle school…

A garden is constant transformation. And regular exposure to transformation is good for the spirit.

Any garden is a refresher course in Living - to be alive is not to be fixed like cement, pavement, and all those human-made things. You can unstick from whatever tightness you’re in, a garden reminds, you can open your hands to something wider.

The route from where we are to where we want to go can be a bruiser. Doubts and naysayers arrive like weeds: uninvited. All the more reason to invite in and line that route with rowdy, confident, whatever-you-need reminders that this transformation thing is possible.

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