Logic Can Go Jump in a Lake

The really interesting playlists I’ve made don’t have a theme.

They throw their arms around all the different tunes I like and hug them into a wild, jumbled mix.

That great thick thump of southern hip hop alongside heart-punching arias and old Patsy Cline country. Top 40 pop and Bolero bumping up against Grease’s “Summer Nights” and Bonnie Raitt giving us something to talk about.

They say that creativity pollinates at the fringes of disparate interests. Bring two apples together, you’ll get apple sauce. Bring an apple and an oboe together, who knows what you’ll get.

Creativity kicks what’s rational and what makes sense to the curb. Logic can go jump in a lake. In this sandbox, what matters is our curiosity and our respect for it.

These wraparound playlists have bumpy run-ins; the collision of like with unlike doesn’t guarantee a grand outcome. But there are radiant encounters; I had no idea Taj Mahal to Madonna to the Gipsy Kings could be so lush, each illuminating the soul of the others.

Freshness don’t happen much when rationality and sensibility run the meeting. But if we can risk odd bedfellows and awkward mashups, we put out the welcome mat for more radiant encounters.

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CreativityCaitie Whelan