Those Who Take Us Seriously

It isn’t easy to find those who take us seriously.

People who dismiss our large ideas are a dime a dozen. I could throw a pencil and hit an army of them.

And they don’t add anything interesting. I already have the doubting, cynical voices in my head, I don’t need more.

But those who take us seriously are the ones who believe in our ideas, in us. That hopeful hunger in you must be fed, they remind us. Take yourself seriously, they remind us.

Likely, we will always need more of that.

Those who take us seriously are who we thank in the acknowledgements after we publish the book. Who we call when the business has launched to say, “I did it!” Later, when we tell our story to others, they are who we say, “If it wasn’t for her…”

Any large idea needs many hands at its back; rarely will ours alone be enough. Let us fill our days with these hands and hearts. Not just that, let us be them.

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