Working Such Wonder in the World

The note drops into my inbox like any old note.

In it: Yes to coffee on that day! it says. (We have been pinging and ponging with dates.)

There is another line in the note. The sender passed along some kind words someone had said about me.

And these words find me where I need to be found.

I had felt, lately, that I was unpleasant; my laptop, my phone, my busyness taking priority over those around me.

But this line - There is this goodness in you, it said in so many words - showed me the person I wanted to be.

It’s quite powerful to think that our words can remind someone who they are, or who they aim to be.

I add the coffee date to my calendar. I turn from my work. I ask a friend sitting nearby how she is. She shares updates I didn’t know about.

Something in my day has shifted. I am returned to the better part of myself.

And I, too, will pass along kind words and share my kind thoughts. Why keep them to myself when they can work such wonder in the world?

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