What Doesn't Change

You pass me a Life Magazine from the 1970s.

Look at those phone booths and electric typewriters! I say. Seems so antiquated now.

Not long ago, I took an iPhone 4 to an Apple Store (the current model is an iPhone X). You’d have thought it was a Stegosaurus bone. Wow! I’ve never seen one of these, the associate said, turning the specimen slowly over in his hands.

Twenty years from now, someone passes another someone a Time Magazine (perhaps paper, perhaps digital, perhaps some unknown-to-us-now format).

Look at those smartwatches and virtual assistants! another someone says. Seems so antiquated now.

Twenty years from today, a hipster may sit on a Home Depot bucket on a corner, write poetry on a 2019 iPad, and print it on the wireless printer at his feet for passersby.

Everything changes so fast, would be the conclusion. It is partially true.

But that 2039 hipster wants to be seen as much as Jack Kerouac did. That 2019 Apple Store associate wants to be loved as much as a person making a call in a 1970s phone booth did. I want to belong as much as someone looking at aTime Magazine 20 years from now will.

Phones and watches, cars and computers will change, as they should. The desires of the human spirit remain.

And it is the great among us who use all that changes in service of better seeing and loving others.

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