Poor Guardians of the Status Quo

Within the idea kingdom, there is a genus of note.

Let’s call it genus Possibilis.

Species of this genus include ideas we’re told will never work and ideas that leave us feeling foolish, naive for even suggesting them.

Qualities of this genus are eagerness and imaginativeness, vision like the horizon on a clear morning. This genus is a poor guardian of the status quo.

Absent Possibilis, life would get buried alive in the way things are. One big traffic jam of stasis.

The genus is known for having a short lifespan. Primary predators are fear of change and cynicism posing as worldliness. Were it not for moxie and pluck, Possibilis would teeter on extinction.

Shall we start a Friends of Genus Possibilis? Have a gala with deviled eggs and a silent auction? Lobby Congress for Possibilis protection laws?

Or we could do it ourselves. We could treat these ideas with the same reverence that we treat the status quo. Elevate, celebrate the Possibilis ideas others offer. Believe that if one idea is rejected, it doesn’t mean all will be.

And we could do it all in the name of moving our world from what it is to what it could possibly be.

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