Body, I'll Be On Your Side

My shoulders and I have a complicated relationship.

Listen, I know that the shoulders are uncelebrated. Pop stars and poets romance up eyes, lips, neck. But hey, bards, where is the love song for the humerus and the scapula?

So what I’m saying is that I get - more than your average bear - that the shoulders are important.

It’s just that I don’t want to think about my shoulders. And when I don’t, I let them slump and pull my whole back down with it. It’s not a triumphant look.

On the other hand (shoulder?), what my shoulders want is to rest right under my ears, alongside my torso. And when they don’t get what they want, they ball up some of my trapezius into an irritated little knot. I suppose it’s their way of saying, “Hey Hotshot! If you don’t think about us, we’ll give you something to think about.”

That’s the funny thing about shoulders, maybe knees and toes, too: If we don’t think about them - by think, I mean care - they’ll try to get our attention any which way they can. Because the body is on our side. It doesn’t do what we always want, but it is fighting for us. Which sometimes means fighting against us not caring for it.

So, okay.

Shoulders, here is my love song for you: I will think enough to hold you below my ears. I will rub at that little knot, maybe I’ll use some of the coconut oil I have in the medicine cabinet. When I forget about you, I will try to remember before you have to tell me with another little knot.

And what I’m saying is I’ll be on your side, too.

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