Creating Dreamy Mornings

Let’s say we each orchestrated our dreamiest mornings.

The Blue Ridge Mountains, you say. Up before dawn. Wool blanket around my shoulders, cowboy coffee and instant oatmeal as the sun rises through the beech trees.

Loose clothes, I say. Atlantic out my front door. Stack of golden pancakes with good family, a sweep of sunlight, a full day for creative projects.

Our dreamy mornings with their different faces drive at the same thing: being at ease.

But do we need beech trees and pancakes for that? These are accoutrements of contentment. They may aid and abet ease, but they won’t do the trick themselves. Ease, contentment, these are an inside job.

These are reaching out at hand to who we are as we are, not as we hope to be, and bringing ourselves in from the cold we’ve kept ourselves in. Self-distrust, self-disregard are cold, aren’t they?

So we come in from the outside. We are worn out; it’s exhausting to war with ourselves, isn’t it? We are not perfect. But we are human, which is infinitely more interesting. And in holding firm hands with our humanness, we may glimpse a simple truth: our capacity to love - if we let it rip - towers over our capacity to fear.

Don’t ditch the cowboy coffee and the sweeps of sunlight. If they delight us, delight in them! And delight in them with the awareness that we don’t need them for ease. Ease we find on the inside, bring to the outside.

And in so doing, we may be able to access a dreamy morning wherever the sun rises.

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