One Way to Unglue From the Status Quo

The idea wasn’t bulletproof, but it could work.

I plunked it into an email. I say plunked like I couldn’t be bothered by how it would be received - which is how I wished I was.

But really, I placed the idea gingerly into the email. The idea was a sliver of me taken out of the safety of my head and dropped into the world’s judgment.

For a few weeks, the email went unanswered. I’d expected that. It wasn’t urgent. Then, a response.

Do we think this will be well-received? the email asked of the idea, I don’t know…

Someone else chimed in: I don’t really know either.

And I got why it’s safer not to put an idea into the world. Then it - which is to say - we will not be rejected. So we glue ever tighter to the status quo and its old guard of known ideas.

I feel deflated, I told my mother on the phone as I walked home. Of course, she said. You believed there could be a place in this life for a new idea. Don’t stop doing that.

And it’s incredible how four words can throw the windows wide open. With, “Don’t stop doing that,” my mother cut to the part of me that had put that idea out. It’s the part that believes life can be different than it is. And it believes in that more than it fears rejection, even if only an inch more.

At home, I heated soup on the stove. I had in me deflation and, still, the belief in possibility. And standing at the stove, I understood that they can live alongside each other without deflation eating up belief. We mere mortals are big enough to hold both, and more. The question is: Which are we faithful to?

Well, damn, I decided. I’ll have my fear and put my ideas out into the world anyways. I’ll do many things in this life, but I don’t want gluing myself to the status quo to be one of them.

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