When We're Stuck & Our Energy's Flat

If we are stuck in our work and our energy feels flat as a pancake, there may be a self-truth trying to get our attention.

And there is ONLY ONE way to discover that self-truth! For 29 easy payments of $29.95… Ah, but I kid. And anyone who says there’s only one path to self-discovery is a kidder, too.

There is a question, though, that I’ve cobbled together from a few sources that can give a good scramble to my stuck thinking: Am I a builder or an operator?

Builders get energy from designing, creating, putting new things into the world. Operators get energy from orchestrating, running, strengthening the systems of those things. It’s like builders create the baton and operators run with it.

A few bits of housekeeping:

These are sweeping generalizations.

These are not the only categories.

One is not better than another.

We are not simply one or the other; we might be one in the morning, the other in the afternoon, something entirely different in the evening.

What’s useful for me about this question is how it can get me closer to the pin prick that deflated my energy.

I love building. When I’m heavy in operating mode, my energy gets to a point where it plunks itself down like a tired kid who will not walk any further. And this happens without my awareness. The question, then, is a consciousness raiser.

As my father tells me, there is no change without self-knowledge. And when we become more conscious about who we are and what we need, it may be that we’re coming into a new self-truth.

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