Getting to the "Do It Before I Die" List

I have a hard truth for us. And I do mean us - I need to hear it, too.

If we wait for when we’re ready, if we wait for when we have time to get to what’s on our Do Before I Die List, we will not get to it.

One piece of this truth: Not being ready and not having time are excuses. Devilishly good ones, at that. We have a deep trove of evidence to back them up: “I’ve never left the country and I don’t speak Thai; I’m not ready to live in Thailand for the year. “ Or “As it is, I barely have time to floss, let alone...” Others will nod in understanding. They’ve told themselves they, too, aren’t ready, don’t have time. And none of us gets to our list.

Another piece of this truth: underneath not being ready and not having time is often one thing - fear.

Fear we’ll fail, fall short, find we can’t do it. Fear we aren’t smart enough, strong enough, attractive enough, pick your enough. And so fear, posing as readiness and time, becomes the part of us that we live from.

A final piece of this truth: We will never be ready and we will never have time.

That’s the hard truth. Now, for the great truth.

We have fear in us, yes. But we also have a spark in us that believes in the things on that list. It’s the spark that penned the list to begin with.

If we live from that spark rather than that fear, we will do what’s on our list and find our readiness in the doing. Which may be the only way we become ready.

We will make the time, since no one is going to hand us the hours needed to train for a marathon or build a cabin in the Northeast Kingdom.

And we will find the uncommon fulfillment of a spark that we took seriously enough to become a flame that went and set our whole life on extraordinary fire.

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