When No One's Watching

When no one was looking, I have snuck food.

I have rubbed a stain I made into the rug.

I haven’t told someone I broke something of theirs. I have cut corners.

And I have done these things because no one saw me do it.

Or that’s what I thought.

Because someone did see me do it: I saw me do it. I bore witness to me doing these things that clash with my values.

But I told myself these acts didn’t matter because I discounted myself as someone worth impressing. And then I carried the guilt, shame, sadness of falling short of who I want to be.

So, another option: Rather than who do we want to be when others are looking, who do we want to be with ourselves? We are our constant companion, after all.

This doesn’t mean we are always perfect creatures. We are human; imperfection comes with the job description. It only means that we move towards the person we have it in us to be not to wow others, but to be our truest selves.

We are worth our greatest. And when we are not our greatest - which will happen - we are worth our care.

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