Where to Find Terrific Stories

The woman I am talking to has terrific stories.

About when her children were young and made popsicle stick art. About parking lots packed with cars in the middle of the day. About sitting on the beach when she was a little one.

The plots of the stories aren’t whiz! bang! ka-pow! material. They are the material of ordinary life. And still, in her telling, they command attention.

The woman, who has bright eyes and grandchildren old enough to have their own children, does not let ordinary life pass her by. She notices it.

And when she tells stories, popsicle stick pinwheels and parking lots brimming with cars become important, meaningful.

As I listen, I am reminded - as I often need to be - that when we notice the ordinary, we can see it for what it is: the quietly sacred material of human life.

This woman has not lived the life of movies and page-turning memoirs. But she has given her life her attention. And if we do the same, perhaps we find that our life has, all along, been filled with terrific stories waiting for us take notice.

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