The Click

Maybe it happens on a windy walk through the park.

Or over bowls of macaroni, cups of strong afternoon coffee. During a run across town or a phone call across the country.

The person we’re talking to says something that lands so honestly, fiercely, truly with us. And we know they are a kindred human.

They put to words something we’ve felt, but couldn’t wrangle the language for. They saw a piece of life the way we thought we, alone, saw it. They stand unapologetically for something that we, too, stand for; and their standing makes ours not easy, but easier.

It’s a click; something in them joins up with something in us.

And we can do any number of things when the click happens, but there’s one that’s served me well: commit to investing in this friendship.

Here’s a human I feel less alone and more alive with. And that’s no common thing. It is a thing worth our time, energy, attention - some of the most valuable resources we have.

Make regular calls or meetings, extend trips if we’re in their part of the world, make special trips if we’re not, write notes. Whatever the meaningful tools of connection are, use them.

We get a short time on this big planet. We are told to spend it making money, doing things that make sense, making something of ourselves.

What we aren’t told is we already are ourselves. Those we click with can draw that out of us like velvet rope, help us become the largest, kindest, awake humans we can be. Which is essential if we are to spend our short time well on this big planet.

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