Ohhh, Should

I should have known better.

I should have the answers.

I shouldn’t be so naive/need help/bother trying.

Ohhh, Should. You can cut the oxygen out of any room. You can bend and break people to your will. You can take a large life and shrink it down to bland nothingness.

So, a question: Should according to whom?

Who says I should have known better? Or you should have the answers? Or we shouldn’t need help? Who?

I’m not putting my money on some wise, enlightened being. No, I’m putting my money on the status quo, groupthink, perhaps a bunch of lemmings who didn’t want to run off the cliff, but did because that’s what all the others were doing.

And know-it-all and tyrannical as those forces are, that doesn’t make them worthy of guiding our lives.

So if we’ve got Should on the brain, no need to accept it at face value. Push that Should. Poke that Should. Prod that bossy auxiliary verb. And ask it three plain words:

Yeah, says who?

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