The Earnest Ones

We could use more earnestness around these parts.

By earnest, I mean fully sincere, eager, excited. But earnestness is often the domain of the beginners. And the naive. There are earnest interns, babysitters, rookies. You don’t hear much about earnest CEOs, executive directors, seasoned professionals.

Earnestness seems to get scrubbed away with experience. Gone are the wide eyes, big excitement, willingness to do anything. In their place are jadedness, indifference, being above things.

But why?

Perhaps because if we’re earnest, we could get hurt. What we sincerely, excitedly believe in, wish for, is on display, and unprotected. It is safer to hide those fragile hopes beneath a hardened exterior. Under there, they won’t get mangled by the world’s severe hands.

And that would all be fine if it weren’t such a lifeless way to live.

Our souls need some measure of engagement with the world. If they get stuffed down under all the protective layers, they’ll shrivel from lack of sunlight. But it is in our earnestness that our souls make themselves known in the world.

Earnestness is the domain of the beginners. And would that we could all live as the beginners do, wide eyed and willing, unhardened to the severity and sunlight of the world.

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