The Precursors to Growth

Not so long ago, I found myself in a few sticky situations.

In one part of my life, there was an issue boiling, seemingly about to blow the lid off the pot. Over in another part of my life, I’d gone splashing into unfamiliar territory and created a dynamic I couldn’t figure out. I also needed to do my taxes and have a tooth pulled, which weren’t sticky, but weren’t adding tranquility to my days.

Often, I found myself wishing, “If only I hadn’t…”

But in my clear-eyed moments, I knew that the messy, sticky, non-tranquil stuff is often a precursor to growth. The very things we wish away are the very things that can take us into a deeper, fuller understanding of ourselves in the world. Not easily and rarely gracefully, but who said transformation was easy and graceful?

If I can stay with the stickiness and the mess, if I can be caring towards myself and those around me as I slip across the thin, dimly lit ice, there’s hard-earned insight on the far side of it.

My sticky situations haven’t converted themselves into full-blown wisdom yet. But I’ve had shreds of new awareness. Enough to know I’m in the midst of some uncomfortable, uneasy, and unquestionably life-giving growth.

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