A Sweet Jolt of Connection

If in need of a sweet bit of connection, go outside on a snowy day.

Around seven this morning, I opened my door to a bluster of hail and wind, put my head down, and began trudging.

At the first intersection, a guy with big boots looked up at me with a delighted grin, as if to say, Wild stuff, isn’t it! I gave him a goofy grin back. Delight like that is contagious.

A serious-faced runner with a headlamp and tight neon zip-up gave me a half-wave and half-smile. Buoyed, I gave her an overly loud, GOOD MORNING!

Outside the library, a man maneuvering an orange snow plow saw me and with a friendly arm sweep, gestured for me to go ahead of him.

We were a small league of trudgers and trekkers out in a big spat of fierce weather. There’s a kind of communion around that. Perhaps because we didn’t think we’d find each other out there. Then we did, and something like kinship formed, however brief.

And in these times which leave too many feeling too alone, it is good to remind the tired soul that sometimes we find connection in the least likely corners.

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