The Energy Index

Here’s a tool to inform our decision making:

Pay attention to our energy level when we write, talk, think about what we’re deciding.

Say I’m trying to decide if I should apply for a fellowship, lay down real money on a trip to Mexico, move apartments, take on that prestigious project that looks great but has some sticky points. Over coffees with friends, do I get amped? Feel flat?

Often, the innate wisdom we carry in us makes itself known through our level of energy. If it’s high, that’s a good sign this thing matters to us. If it’s low, that’s a red flag to pause for frank consideration and discern if that low energy is genuine or fear masquerading as such.

We place a premium on rationality and conventional wisdom. Those are fine in moderation. But there are times when pragmatism is stifling and we’re tugged in a wholly other direction.

We might not stand a ghost of a chance with that fellowship. If our energy surges around it, though, applying for it will do more for our aliveness than all the safety of not getting rejected because we never threw our hat in the ring. Similarly, if our energy nose dives when we think about taking on that prestigious project, saying no to it could be a mighty act of self-respect.

Energy is a form of wisdom, and wisdom is a compass like no other.

So when we aren’t sure which way to turn, why not check-in and ask, Where’s my energy at?

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