The Celebration Ritual

Now and again, it can be helpful to take one step back from our daily life and look at what we do on a weekly basis.

I buy groceries and wash my sheets, pay bills and water my plants - I have succulents and a philodendron which thrive on neglect.

It’s the functional stuff that keeps us on track. But life is more than function, function, function.

So alongside basic functional chores, it’s worth adding something celebratory into the weekly rotation.

If functional stuff keeps us on track, then celebration makes it a track we want to be on.

My celebration is a weekend visit to a raucously buoyant community coffee shop to celebrate the week that was and roadmap the week that will be.

Celebration comes in all stripes. I know those who dance on Sunday mornings and those who worship on Sunday mornings (the two could be one and the same). Others go to their favorite spot for toast, salsa on Friday nights, sunrise or moonrise walks.

We will know it’s celebratory by how light, loving, expansive we feel from it. It’s rocket fuel for the spirit

And unlike succulents, our spirit does not thrive on neglect. It needs attention and nourishment in equal parts. Plus, now and again, it’s wise to celebrate the rarity that we are one of the alive ones.

We do nothing but chores and work, the week is something we trudge through, craving Friday. We bring in a ritual of celebration and the week, and us in it, are elevated.

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