Finding Rest in an Unrestful World

There’s an imbalance baked into the structure of our week.

We work five days. We rest two. The very arrangement of our time values work over rest.

And plenty of us have work demands - plus, plenty of us have work addictions - and end up emailing, calling, developing, planning through some or all of those rest days.

Similarly, the average American gets about 6.8 hours of sleep. Which means she or he is awake for 17.2 hours. Each day, our brain and body work about three times longer than they rest. (And of course, they don’t turn off when we are asleep.)

If we’re struggling to distribute our energy more evenly across work, play, rest and recovery, family and friends, cooking, adventuring, it’s no wonder that’s hard. We’re standing on scales that were rigged to begin with.

So, in this unrestful world, how do we find rest?

For me, it’s been useful to rethink rest. It can be sleeping in and long, lazy breakfasts. But it is also having lunch away from the desk. Taking 10 minutes to drink our coffee without phone or computer in eye sight. Pausing between calls or emails to loosen up our shoulders, stretch our neck.

We can build rest into work. It’s not a substitute for deep restoration. But it is a way to rebalance the scales a bit. To poke some rest through the exertion of thick work weeks. And distribute our energy more evenly across our lives.

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