Someone to Rejoice With

If people are talking about me, here’s something I hope they would say:

She’s a person you can celebrate your victories with.

So few of us have someone we can do that with. So many of us have been told it’s immodest, prideful, vain to share our victories. So most of us don’t spend time on them. And do spend time - often plenty of it - on our shortcomings. We blow past the flowers blooming and dwell on the rotten eggs.

One way to invert this nonsensical setup is to be someone that people can savor their triumphs with. Grant them full and generous permission to revel in, bask in, take in their success, whether a small habit shift or gigantic job win.

We don’t need to have extra dry champagne and party balloons always at the ready. Celebration isn’t about giving things; it is about sharing a really great feeling - exclaiming, cheering, joyously and raucously acknowledging. It is delighting together, rejoicing together, exclamation point-ing together.

It isn’t vain to share our victories. It is essential to our well-being. A much needed counterweight to all the time spent on the broken, the busted, the not-going-so well.

And you, me, any of us could be the one who people can celebrate with.

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