When the Tree is More Important Than the Forest

In January, I got an idea for a course I wanted to develop. 

I had all this wide open energy for it: I could include this generosity practice! And do a deep, meaty dive into this awareness technique! And weave in those ideas about power and belonging! And! And! And! 

When I sat down at my computer to develop the course, the hugeness of it all nearly swallowed me whole. And that wide open energy shriveled down like a raisin. 

Now, I have a little experience with the raisin effect on our energy. It can happen with any big, worthwhile undertaking - training for a marathon, writing a book, building a business or a movement, losing weight. The vastness of the aspiration and the finiteness of what we can do in a single day could leave any mortal discouraged before she or he has even begun. 

For me, the raisin effect is a signal that I'm focusing too much on the forest, when I need to focus on planting one tree at a time.  

So each day, I'd dig into one piece of one session of the course. It was slow, imperfect work. But when we take it tree by tree, that wide open energy has a way of manifesting itself in tenacity.  

Every so often, I'd look up to check and see if this was moving in the right direction, becoming the forest I wanted to have. Then I'd stick my head back down to my tree work. 

Forests don't grow in a day. They grow tree by tree, day by day. Which was the way I developed this course; it's the best way I know to take a vast, unconfined vision and make it real within the confines of the single human days we live in.  

So yes, don't lose the forest for the trees. But let's not lose having a forest at all because we didn't focus on the trees. 

PS. If you're curious, here's a bit more about that course I developed. 

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