Finding Our Wealth

There's a lot I don't have. 

I don't have tons of degrees or credentials. I don't have tons of money or property. I don't have kids, a car, a house. Throw a log on the fire; we could spend all day on this. 

But there's also plenty I do have.

I have tons of interests and curiosities, and enough respect for them that I make time for them. I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, legs to walk me around town. I have awe at the human heart and faith in the human spirit. And I have Stevie Wonder's greatest hits. 

So I, like any one of us, have quite a bit of wealth. 

We live in a society that focuses us relentlessly on what we don't have: the body, the partner, the work, the house. It's all too common to have an impoverished mindset. And if we aren't awake enough, we can build our life on all these supposed holes. 

But a hole is a terrible foundation to build anything on.

Instead, let's build our life on what we do have. Because we do have plenty. Perhaps tenacity or creativity, great friends, unending passion for boatbuilding or movement building, stargazing or children's literature. And if we don't know what we have, let's start with what we love. Much of the richness in life flows from our loves. 

It's absolutely fine to want more than we have; I want to be more mindful and more patient, among other things. But the fastest way I know to develop those traits is by building off the traits I already do have - like curiosity and faith in the human spirit. So leverage what we have to get what we want, since what we have is a terrific springboard to what we want. 

We each have great wealth. And our hard and ennobling charge in the face of a society telling us what we lack, is to take our wealth and build our lives on that. 

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