Something That's Larger Than We Are

I had a brief, ecstatic rowing career in college. 

It was brief because I realized hours on the erg and missing out on dinnertime revelry with my friends was not for me. 

But it was ecstatic. There is no other way I know to describe the feeling when everyone in the racing shell was rowing in unison, pulling the boat through the cold autumn waters. 

Something similar happens if you're in a choir - the combined sound is vaster than any one voice - or an orchestra: that song is lovely on the piano, but it's heart-pounding with all the instruments. 

What we are doing collectively is bigger, grander, more meaningful than we could ever do individually. And this is very good for the spirit. 

I'm don't row anymore. But I am a hound for that which is greater than the sum of its parts, the endeavors that plug us into something larger than we are. They fill and expand an undernourished spirit like no other. We stand taller,  more noble and purposeful. 

It could be a tap dance class, basketball league, old time community string band, something else entirely. 

When we find it, we do our spirits a great service by making time for it, prioritizing it. And ultimately, staying close to anything beautiful that connects us to something greater than we are. 

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