Doing Something for Someone We Don't Know

Of all the human stories, there’s one that brings me to my knees.

And it’s the story of someone doing something for someone she doesn’t know.

A team that shows up at the hospital bed of a superfan or the reader who sees the article about a little kid who can’t afford school supplies, and notebooks, markers, pencils show up on the kid’s desk Monday morning.

Hello!, these stories call out into the rowdy world, we’re bound up in this together. So let me carry some of that pain for you, if only briefly.

These stories take a pen and write a bigger, better narrative than the ones of ruthlessness and power grabs that sell papers. These stories write a narrative of belonging - that we, as the sages and poets have told us for ages, belong to each other.

Any one of us can contribute to this narrative. We don’t need money, power, fame. We only need to care. And when we care, we don’t have to look far to see someone who could be enlarged, elevated by a little more tenderness.

Somewhere, someone sent a note to a friend’s parent going through chemo. Or maybe it was the neighbor’s sister who just lost her job. Someone donated to a school in honor of a teacher who made time for a colleague’s daughter. Or contributed to a spitfire candidate running for city council states away.

Somewhere, someone used some of her or his brief time on earth to care for a stranger.

And maybe, even if only briefly, the stranger will feel that there are many unknown hands holding her. That she is cared for more than she knows. That she isn’t alone in the rowdy world.

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