Illuminating Someone's Light

I have a proposal for us this autumn morning.

We know that the world can easily dim someone’s light. It can tell her who she should be, not let her be who she wants to be. It can belittle and dismiss him for stepping out of expectation. The world can do so many things to dull the spark we come into the world with.

So my proposal for us is this: Do something each day to illuminate someone’s light.

I love cars that honk at people protesting a cause the drivers believe in or colleagues who underscore another colleague’s fearless suggestion.

Bless those who reach out to us when we make an unconventional choice and say, I believe in you; I’m with you.

Here’s to the babysitters, teachers, parents who whoop and cheer for a kid’s wild cartoons and love of bugs and slugs.

And long live the advisors, coaches, friends who pull us aside and say, This job/relationship/environment isn’t big enough for you. Aspire wider.

Our gestures need not be grand. They need only affirm someone’s light, a light which is trying - despite the world’s best efforts - to shine through.

We know that light-dimming happens. That’s often outside of our control. But light-illuminating happens, too. And that we can play a part in.

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