A Powerful Way to Elevate the Spirit

When I die, there’s one thing in particular I hope people don’t say:

She was frugal with her appreciation.

Praise, compliments, kind words cost nothing to give. And are often invaluable to get.

Telling a friend, That sweet email you sent meant the world to me, takes us a handful of seconds and could leave him feeling terrific.

Texting a colleague to say how moved we were by her courage could transform her day.

Letting dancers, artists, activists know how much we love their work could be one of the kindest things they’ll get all week.

Sharing our appreciation is one of the most impactful things we can do. How beautiful that the price tag is nothing but a few words and a few seconds.

And if we think someone is so strong, so beloved, our words couldn’t possibly matter to them, that’s a sure sign that we should let them know. We may be the only ones who do. Even the strongest among us deserve to know their impact.

Plus, there’s no shelf date on appreciation. I’ve written notes to elementary school teachers decades after they taught me to let them know how much they meant to me.

And while there’s no cost to sharing appreciation, I think there is a cost to not sharing it. It doesn’t seem good for the soul to withhold appreciation for the person who moved it.

Our ride on this earth is so brief, and our spirits are so weighted with human burdens. But if one spirit gladdens another, both are elevated when appreciation is shared.

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