The Incredible Beauty of Being Thought About

Most all of us have gotten them.

Those postcards, emails, texts, sometimes voicemails that say little more than, “Hello! Thinking of you and sending love.”

There’s no expectation of a response. No “How are you?!” or question that needs an answer. They are contained pearl drops of affection that ask nothing more than we take them in; so short and so powerful. It’s so lovely to be thought of, isn’t it?

Now, I have a proposal for you and me: What if we sent one of these pearl drops every day?

It could be a four-word text. A two-line email. A 20-second voicemail. Or a postcard with a big heart on it.

But here’s what I know about these pearl drops: the minute or so it takes us to send them is nothing compared to the length of the impact they’ll have.

I’ve gotten texts that were balls of sun in an overcast day. I have an email folder called Love Notes that I go to when I’m feeling unlovable or unloved. I have a sleeve of notes that have moved with me from Maine to DC to Brooklyn and back to Maine.

These pearl drops are rarely sent because of what we’ve done or accomplished. They are sent because of who we are.

And wonderfully, they are nearly as pleasurable to send as they are to receive. They tap us into the spaciousness of our big hearts, a spaciousness that we can forget in the packed-full-ness of our hours and days.

Often, our time is thick with all we have a responsibility to do. And there’s nothing like sending or receiving some affection - of thinking of someone else or knowing we are being thought of - to remind us that we have a responsibility to be, too.

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