Adults at Play

On a hot summer night filled with stars and mosquitos, I saw three adults playing on a side street. 

They had a jug on the ground filled with sudsy, iridescent liquid. One at a time, they dipped sticks into the jug, stood back, and from the sticks, gently pulled out bubbles - bubbles as big around as tube slides on jungle gyms.

I'd guess these folks were in their mid-fifties. But to hear them, you'd think they weren't more than four or five. 

Oh! Oh! Loooooooooooooook! one woman cheered over a bicycle wheel-sized bubble a man was shaping. 

Wow! Wow! Wow! another marveled as the bubble she was making waved and glowed into form. 

And watching them, I couldn't help but think that wonder and awe - two virtues easily forgotten amid depressing headlines, rushing, and work, work, work - are so life-giving. 

Not only that, there's wisdom in them. Wisdom born of knowing that life is more than making money and making haste. 

As I walked past the bubble makers, I couldn't help but call out, That's amazing! They laughed, and then, it was four adults having a moment of mutual delight on a hot summer night. 

Which is the other thing about wonder and awe: they are generous. They fling their arms open wide and take in anyone who wants in. 

And as the adults at play on a side street proved, when we risk making time to play, we not only return ourselves to awe, but we may return others, too. 

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