How We See the World

On the sidewalk, outside the small grocery store, there was a big, empty cardboard box. 

It was the kind used to hold a mound of summer watermelons. 

Usually, when a box like this is empty, it's seen as useless. It gets awkwardly lugged-dragged to the back of the store, broken down, folded over someone's knee, and jammed into a recycling bin. 

But this big, empty cardboard box had a different future. There was a sign on it: 


And sometimes, the world is not what we make of it, but what we see of it. 

Anyone could see an empty cardboard box. But it takes an imaginative, sweet, playful orientation of the eyes and spirit to see that it could be a kids' fort. 

So here's to this world of ours. And here's to our ability to see what it could be. 

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