If We Want to Live an Incredible Life

Who among us wants to live an incredible life? 

I'm guessing all our hands went up. 

Here's a simple way to do that, and it's nothing radical:

Spend time with incredible people. Stuff our calendars to bursting with them. 

My incredible might be different than your incredible; that's just fine. But the commonality is that incredible people bring out the incredible in us - the incredible courage, intellect, heart, vision. 

Here's the other side of this coin: aim to live in such a way that we, too, bring out the incredible in people. Be present to them so they know they matter. Listen to them so they know they are heard. Care for them so they know they aren't alone. The very act of doing these things can't help but make our lives more incredible. 

We are worthy of more than working for the weekends, just trying to get by, living small, unsatisfying days. We are each worthy of incredible lives. 

Let's find our incredible people. Let's be others' incredible person. And let's step into the incredible existence we are worthy of. 

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Caitie Whelan