A Counter to That Not Enough Feeling

There's a nourishing habit I've added to my day. 

Be a little more generous than I'm comfortable with. 

At a pizza joint, I tipped a little more than usual. With a friend, I talked a little less than usual. In traffic when I was feeling rushed, I let a few cars merge in ahead of me. 

There's no instant rush of amazement. But taken together, these small steps add up to make life feel a little more abundant and spacious, to a larger sense of generosity. It's the slow process of realizing there might be more abundance in me - in any of us - than I once thought. 

This habit, though, is not only for others. We can, and I would say we must, be a little more generous with ourselves than we're comfortable with. 

When I ate too much too fast, I tried forgiving myself more quickly. The other day, I didn't like what I saw in the mirror; so smiled at myself and said, It's okay, honeybunch. 

For so many of us, life is framed by not enough - I'm not enough, I don't have enough, there isn't enough. And generosity is such a powerful antidote to feelings of scarcity.

What this practice has shown me is that not enough is a feeling, not necessarily reality. We are enough, there is enough. And when we lose sight of that, risking generosity - towards ourselves, towards the world - can help us see reality again. 

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