The "One Day" Syndrome

There's a nasty, nasty syndrome going around. 

It's been going around for years and will be going around for years to come. We both know people who suffer from it. Maybe we do, too. 

And the syndrome is this: "One Day, I'll..." 

One Day, I'll build my own house, live on a boat, go to Thailand, learn to swing dance, do more poetry, cooking, hiking, letter writing. 

If we stacked all the One Day, I'lls on top of each other, we could make a mountain taller than K2 and Everest combined. And it would be a mountain made largely of fear. 

Fear that we don't have enough time, money, ability. Fear that it will take all our time, money, ability. Fear that it's selfish, impossible, not important. And this fear handily takes one day and makes it never. 

But there's a cure. Take one of our One Day, I'lls and do one thing today to move towards it. Then one thing tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, until one day is today.

Write poetry for two minutes. Start a Thailand savings account. Register for a drop-in swing dance class. 

Fear manifests as inertia. And action - small and steady action - is a tremendous countermeasure to that. 

In essence, what we're doing is showing our respect for that hugely underrated part of us that's crying out for something bigger, fuller, more life-giving. 

That One Day, I'll mountain is getting taller as I write this and you read this. Let's not add ours to it. Let's opt for our courage over our fear, and make one day a real day. 

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