Making Peace with Our Bodies

So many of us are at war with our bodies. 

We rage against them to be thinner, stronger, younger, better. We think about our bodies more than we actual embody them. 

Accordingly, many of us don't have a relationship with our bodies. We live disembodied lives, up in our heads, wishing the rest of us was different. 

This isn't our fault. It's what's modeled for us, what our friends talk about, what magazines are written about, what we internalize because it's in the air we breathe. 

So, we war with our bodies. And we carry the pain of that war deep in our flesh and matter. 

I'd like to find a gentler way to be with ourselves. So, if you're up for it, I have a proposal for us: be a friend of our body. 

No question, our body conditioning can't be unraveled overnight. But what if each day, we spent a moment being kind to our bodies? 

Thank our body after a workout. Acknowledge what our body did for us at the end of the day. Give our body a few more moments under the hot shower. While waiting in line, instead of dropping our heads down to our phones, gently rub our tight necks.  

Our bodies are not our servants. They are us. And these ancient and brilliant forms of flesh and function remain on our side. They do not leave us, no matter how much shame, abuse, loathing we dump onto them.

These bodies of ours are worthy of our care. More than that, they are worthy of our friendship. We can war with them so well. Now, let's move ourselves towards making peace with them. 

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