An Antidote to Destruction

These are tough times we find ourselves in. 

The news serves up story after story of chaos and upheaval. There's a sadness that seems to hang in the air, sink into the spirit. And it feels like there's a lot of destruction. Of things that existed and of the potential for better, kinder things to exist. 

While there's no fix-all for this simultaneously hard and tender age we're in, I have found that one of the most beautiful antidotes to destruction is creation. And I mean creation in a big, wide sense of that word. 

We could create collages or cabinetry, water color paintings or poems. We could create a great spaghetti squash dinner, a wild romp of a bedtime story, an email with more sweetness than cynicism, a spot of stillness between phone calls to reconnect with ourselves. We could create a moment of kindness with the cashier, flight attendant, waiter, tech support agent. 

Each act of creation communicates nothing less than this: We will not be defined by destruction. We will be defined by something bigger, braver, more beautiful than that. 

There's no hierarchy of creation. A limerick in a text is as valuable as zucchini bread brought to surprise our new neighbors. What matters is that our creation is born of love and offered with generosity. 

We are natural born creators. During these tough times, our creation ability is urgently called for. For creation is both an antidote to destruction and a buoy for the spirit. 

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