Wisdom That Exists Beyond the Mind

Today, I couldn't remember an idea I'd had yesterday. 

I'd turned over every rock in my mind. But the idea seemed to be on the far edge of my thinking, just out of my reach. 

I'd had the idea when I was on the phone with my mother. I called her to see if she remembered it. She didn't. But she asked me something interesting. 

Do you remember where you were when we were talking? 

I was on my bed, I told her, with my legs crossed. 

And just like that, the idea bounced back into my mind. Which got my mother and I to talking: We rely so much on our mind, when our body has wisdom, too. 

Our minds perpetually process the world. Since thinking is the primary way we're taught to understand life, we think through the world to make meaning of it.

Our bodies, too, are processing the world. We're just not taught how to understand it. Or even to believe that our bodies carry intelligence in them. Especially because the relationship many of us have with our bodies is a warring one - be thinner, stronger, better, have more energy. 

And still, our bodies can jog our memory. Our shallow breath can signal stress before our brains register it. Our anxiousness can be stored in uptight shoulders and sore necks. 

We instinctively go to our minds for answers - I was digging everywhere in my brain for that idea. But when looking for insight, we can go to our bodies, too. 

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