When Fear Walks in the Room

Here's the thing about fear: 

It's a bully of a feeling that elbows its way into our headspace, grabs the microphone, and has no interest in sharing it. 

And when fear speaks, it is so sure that it is right, reasonable, rational. It sounds so authoritative. 

But here's the other thing about fear: 

Bullying as the fear part of us may be, it is not the only part of us. No matter how big our fear, we are made of more than just that. The other parts just don't sing as loudly. But they are still there: the curiosity, the might, the wonder, the love. 

So if fear walks into the room, wanting all of our time and all of our attention, we can choose to place our focus on the quieter, nobler parts of us. We don't deny the fear, but we don't indulge it. 

This isn't an easy choice to make. Fear is so big, so vocal, it can seem like it must be true and we'd be a naive fool not to listen to it. But loudness doesn't connote truth; only volume.

So we choose - again, again, again, however many agains it takes - to give our focus to another, more ennobling part of us. Compassion, creativity, grit. It's the act of aligning our focus with our values, with what matters to us. 

And often, just working to realign my focus is enough to remind me, "Oh, right, there's more to me than this fear. " And when we can feel that truth, fear doesn't seem so authoritative. 

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