How We Care for Ourselves

Let's blow the roof off common ideas of self-care, shall we? 

When self-care is talked about, often it refers to things like sleep, exercise, nutritious foods, time away from all that rings, beeps, buzzes.  

I'm for all that. 

But that alone does not a cared for self make. 

Self-care also includes spending time with good people, people who invigorate our spirit and sense of wonder. 

It includes feeding our minds nourishing media, media that push our thinking and grow our courage, rather than stoke our fears or sense of inadequacy. 

It includes attending to our spirit. And if that word doesn't work, substitute soul, inner life, core, the element that makes us larger than the sum of our parts. Attending could be meditation, prayer, time in the woods or by the water - there's no set policy. 

It includes generosity towards those we walk alongside, whether it's letting someone merge ahead of us in traffic, telling a manager about the great customer service we got, sending a love note to a friend in pain. 

And it includes generosity towards ourselves when we fall short, miss our mark, put our foot in our mouth. In other words, when we are human. 

Our selves are richly multidimensional. So, too, then, must be our care for them. 

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